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What role does the cinema play in your life? What is movie? It is some kind of a parallel reality where we go for travelling and to be filled with new impressions, emotions and knowledge. Some people just relax. Cinema has become an integral part of our life. Hollywood is traditionally considered the center of the film industry. Nowadays it is a multi-billion business. It was not always like this. In this book, you will read about the history of the cinema creation and development to date. The charming era of silent movies, interesting facts about film creation, Hollywood, the Oscars and special effects are presented in an entertaining form. The book also tells about famous actors, directors and even Disney cartoons. This is a worthwhile thing for the cinema fans.

John Unger is a young boy of sixteen years old, grows up in a rather rich family on the farm Hades at Mississippi. John has gone to the St. Midas' school outside the Boston - one of the best and the most expensive school in the whole world. The first two years of education has flown smooth. Every summer John went on holiday to some friends from school which lives at different fashion places. He was very amused that parents of all rich pupils from his class were very similar and almost the same. At second year of John's education he has met a boy Percy Washington. Although Percy wasn't friendly to all pupils at all, he became John's close friend. So when summer was approaching Percy offered him to spend all the holidays at his home. When they were making their way to Percy, he said that his father is the richest man all over the world, and was trying to defend his words also added that he have a diamond as big as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The story you are going to read was written by a girl. She left this world many years ago. Her secret diary was found after the Second World War. She wrote there all the events which happened to her for the last five years. As you see, this book is based on the real events. After the war had burst, the Jewish family left Germany. The Franks moved to Holland. The father created a successful business there. But the German army invaded Holland in 1942. A new but horrible life began for the Jews. They could go only to some certain shops, had certain time to be in the street and wear yellow stars on their clothes. The father made a shelter in one of his firm's buildings. He felt a disaster. They used it. Eight people were living in the shelter for two years. The only window to the outside world for Anne Frank was a radio. She heard only bad news. One day they got hope. Unfortunately, this hope wasn't to come true for Anne's family.

I’m Nick Carraway from the Middle West. I were learning at Yale in Connecticut and was graduated in 1915 when I had to go to the Great War. After my returning to the motherland, I determined to go East and study the finance. My father was helping me with money at first. I had plans to stay there for a long time, to work and became success, but indeed I left the city after the summer. I arrived to New York in spring of 1922. It already very warm, hot and uncomfortable. I found a tiny cheap house not far from New York, near the country of West Egg. My house was on Long Island, near the sea. It stood between two enormous houses that had been built for millionaires. One of the nearest houses of my one had a swimming pool and was surrounded by fancy gardens. It was the house of mysterious Gatsby. And this is story about him, but for that time, of course, I knew nothing about him yet.

Once upon a time one man named Matthew Maule built a small hut. It happened in the town of New England. He was the first man to build a hut in that street. Later the street was named Maule's Lane. It was rumored Maule practiced magic. Practicing magic was a big crime in those times. Colonel Pyncheon also lived in that town. He had power and always got what he wanted. The biggest Pyncheon's desire was to owe wizard's hut. Maule did not agree to sell his house. The colonel decided to act in another way. Pyncheon accused the stubborn man of witchcraft and the community sentenced Maule to death. Maule's decease was awful. His curse was more terrible, which he pronounced in the last minutes of life. Colonel Pyncheon achieved his goal and built a house on the wizard's territory. It was the house of the Seven Gables.

Not only people can be fearless before setting off on a great adventure. A cat and two dogs find the right time to run away from their new owner's house. A long journey of hundreds kilometers through the Canadian woods is waiting for them. They will meet many wild animals on their way. They will meet friendly and not very friendly people with their pets. The runners will get into various kinds of troubles and barely manage to escape unhurt. Even though the animals get some help, nobody knows, what is to happen to our helpless heroes. Still neither hunger nor exhaustion can stop them. Only these two dogs and the cat know where they are heading. One definite purpose is leading them. What should their owners expect, just coming home to an empty house from England?

Dictators must be overthrown with words, and not pistols. This way is slower but more reliable. Otherwise, there is a big chance that everything will happen again and the country will be involved into a war. Only the interpreter can know the true value and strength of the right words. Sylvia Broome works as an interpreter at the UN headquarter. She is just a tiny cog in one complex mechanism. Her work is very important, as the leaders of the different countries have to find a common language with each other. Suddenly Sylvia finds out about the preparation of a murder. The Matobo President is to be a victim. Then agent Keller appears in her life. He is in charge of investigating the case. The agent does not trust Sylvia as some details from her dark past are constantly coming out. Still he is devoted to his work and strives to protect the interpreter. It is not his duty unlike the foreign leaders' protection. But is this interpreter so defenseless as it seems?

Marina and Bill left London and moved to a small village. Bill found a new interesting job at once and Marina stayed at home. She loved her husband very much, but this new life didn't make her happy. They were the youngest couple in the village and didn't have any friends. There was no job for Marina, so the young woman did housework - washing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and ironing. Gradually she started hating it. Her husband tried to help his poor wife, just making more and more lists of errands. Everything was boring and pragmatic. One day Marina was ironing. She looked at the pile of clothes and thought that it would be amazing if someone could do this terrible housework for her. Suddenly the doorbell rang. There was a splendid man, ready to fulfill her desire…

In his past Ian Munro was a spy. Now he is a foreign executive. His boss Naylor is a serious and closed person and sends people on difficult and dangerous missions. Today Naylor gave Munro three pieces of newspaper news - two dead men, increase of the birds in the city and death of fish in the river. From the first sight these accidents had nothing in common. Presumably it was gas. But Naylor needed to find out for sure. Munro got a mission with the file named Lahti. The foreign executive had to go to Finland, to the town Lahti. There he had to meet with the man Pentti Virolainen in the church. This man could give some information on this deal. Munro was going to stay in this town and wait for other directions. But nobody came to the church.

Basketball is a meaning of life for a guy named Ricky. He studies at high school. His dream is to play in the school team, which is invincible. All high school students dream to get into the team and it is just the time of selection of the players for the next season. Ricky and his best friend Tony decide to participate in the selection. One day after coming to school, they find a note with a threat in the locker. It states that if the boys get involved, something terrible will happen. The children accept everything as a cruel joke. After school, they check their emails and read two more threatening letters. Despite the threats, the boys still dare to play and win. Next day Ricky and Tony join the basketball team. They are incredibly happy. After the lessons, a car hits Ricky. This is just a beginning.

Beloved of a young Ireland journalist Edward Malone told him she would marry only a hero. So he asked his boss, the news editor, to give him a dangerous mission. Thus, he was given a job to take an interview from an eccentric professor George Challenger, who hated any journalists. The first meeting with professor started with a fight. Fortunately, they has got on and Malone at last accepted unbelievable professor's story about a lost unexplored world where dinosaurs still live together with people. A few other people trusted Challenger as well, and they agreed to prove to everyone else existence of the lost world. Professor as the only one, who was on mysterious plateau before, led the way to Brazil. After hiring a few local guides, travelers started their unpredictable and exiting adventure.

Like many other novels of Charles Dickens, there is a child in the thick of things. This work is less known compared to his other books, but it is no way inferior to them in sincerity and depth. The most unexpected things happen to the girl Nell. She has a grandfather. Lately her grandpa often goes somewhere at nights. From time to time, he is very generous and talkative. He tells Nell about a big fortune she will get after his death. Every now and then, her grandfather is sad and quiet. After his night walks, he sleeps in the armchair behind the counter of their shop. Recently Nell's elder brother came to the shop to talk to grandfather. He shouted at him and threatened to disclose his secret. Brother keeps a very bad lifestyle and tries to get grandfather’s money using blackmail. It makes Nell upset, but she still loves her family.

During last 84 days, an old Cuban fisherman Santiago goes to the sea but cannot get any fish. His small friend Manolin continues to help him, although his father prohibits to do this. But the old and young men still see each other and speak about this and that. At 85th day old fisherman again goes to the sea as always on his small sailboat. This time he is being lucky and catching such big marlin, that nobody saw before. Next several days a big fight takes place between the man and the fish. Finally Santiago manages to exhaust and kill the huge fish. But marlin takes boat far away into the sea. It’s very hard to take the catch to the shore, too many sharks want to get a helpless flesh.

A homeless tramp Devon Hardy is armed a pistol and wrapped with explosives has grabbed a hostage several employees of the respectable law firm Drake End Sweeney. He arranged the hostages questioning, figuring out their income for the current year, and how much money they have given to the homeless. During the transfer of food for the hostages SWAT sniper has shot the homeless. The lawyer Michael Brock, who was among the hostages, decided to check man's charges that his firm turns out poor people on the streets. It would be a hard work that put his license in danger as well as his life. Michael will learn how poor people struggle with police, lawyers and government but in the end lost their homes. Lawyer who used to warm home, safe car and delicious meal would face a scaring world of homeless people.

This novel consists of three parts. The plot takes place in Victorian England. Everything begins from a young farmer Gilbert Markham, who tells the readers about a mysterious stranger. Her name is Helen Huntington. One day she appears in an old mansion and causes interest and gossip about her personality. A passionate feeling to Helen is born in Gilbert's heart. However, she prevents their relationship in every possible way. The communication with Helen's son Arthur ties Gilbert even more to this woman. The neighbors do not accept love between a farmer and Mrs. Graham (Helen Huntingdon). It even leads to the fights of the men and sorting things out. After these events, Helen decides to give Gilbert her personal diary. There she describes her life.

Richard Hannay was born in Scotland but had been leaving and working for 20 years in Africa. At the age of thirty-seven he returned to Britain as enough rich and happy young man. The events of the novel took place when Europe was on the threshold of the First World War. Meanwhile Richard became a neighbour with Franklin P. Scudder. It turned out Franklin was an American journalist who was writing about politics. He had managed to scout out the German spies plans as for hostilities outbreak. Every day Franklin told him some pieces of the stories and made certain notes into his black notebook. Although Richard was not interested in politics, he was just delighted with the journalist's adventures. One evening our hero discovered his neighbour dead. Obliviously, Franklin passed the baton to Richard.

Immortal story about the eternal. Humanity has been fighting against sin from the immemorial times. The God created the man in his own image – absolutely free. You choose where to spend eternity personally - in heaven or hell, every moment of your life. Pride is the first sin because angel Lucifer was cast down to hell by the Lord for his pride. Lucifer wanted to be like God and rebelled against his Creator. This sin is inherent for the Faustus too. One day he was thinking about his future in his dull study and picked up the books for search something that would bring him glory and success. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Faustus found his “book of success ” – it was about spells and magic. He decided to learn the black art and soon with the help of teachers he summoned a Mephistopheles, Lucifer’s servant.

A young boy Nick finds a summer job in one of the museums in new York. He decides to invite his two best friends. Bill and Michelle are brothers. They gladly accept the invitation. At this time, there is an exhibition with one of the most expensive and rarest diamonds called Vampire Tear in the museum. At night, the diamond disappears and the security guard is killed under mysterious circumstances. People begin to believe that a vampire committed everything. All the citizens start panicking. They say the vampire wanders in search of another victim every night. The police have no evidence. In addition, three brave teenagers decide to initiate an investigation. They already have an access to the crime scene. This summer will be an unforgettable experience for them. They are going to make a terrible discovery.

A young woman came to the office of a private detective. He recognized her almost immediately. She was an heiress of one of the richest people in England. Her photos were almost in all newspapers. He father died a year ago. Everything he owned he bequeathed to her, including a big old house. It was built in the second half of the 17th century. Its age was over three hundred years old. Actually, the house was the reason to contact the investigator. The client was sure there were ghosts in it. It started three months ago. Every midnight a strange noise happened in the house. As soon as the property owner started looking for the reason, the noise stopped. The woman looked exhausted due to the lack of regular sleep and fear. The detective promised to investigate this case. The noise turned out to be not of the some supernatural origin. It was something more real and unexpected.

This deep psychological story touches many sides of family life. Novel full of excessive expression of love. There is a mother, who’s care didn’t give their children a normal development and growing up. And selfish son, who lives only for himself and doesn’t pay enough attention to his family. Finally, Therese Raquin whose passion overstepped the bounds of acceptable. You can be a witness what it results. It is a small family, there are Madame Raquin the widow and business lady, her son Camille and her niece Therese. They live in Vernon in a France. Teresa’s father was French officer and gave her to his sister and went to the war. He is never comeback, so Therese has to live with her aunt. When Therese was grown up enough, aunt decided that her son has to marry his cousin. Previously, Therese’s live was dull and boring, but in marriage it became unbearable.

The fairytales about Alice became the world culture property long ago. Their destiny is unique - written for children, they even entered the literature classics for adults. The fairytales also draw the attention of representatives of the liberal arts and natural sciences. Lewis Carroll is a great lover of puzzles, paradoxes and turntables. As the author of the already well-known Alice in Wonderland, L. Carroll sends his favorite heroine Alice to another fairy country – Through the Looking Glass. New adventures begin thanks to her curious and cute little creature – a black kitten, with whom Alice is playing. Many various miracles and transformations are waiting for her on the other side of the magical mirror reflection. This time the girl will have to play a chess game after a difficult and sometimes dangerous way from a pawn to a real queen.

Story starts with the time traveler telling his friends he has invited to dinner that the mathematics he is about to explain is much different from the usual ideas. The book is written from one of the guests’ viewpoint. He goes on explaining that time is the fourth dimension. He uses the readings of a barometer over a period of time to show it is not measuring length, width, or depth. Next, the time traveler shows them a model of a time machine that took him two years to make. He claims that as soon as he presses the lever, the time machine will disappear into the future. He presses the lever shortly thereafter, and the machine does disappear…

A little boy Huw lived with his father and brother Gareth in the mining village Tredonald, South Wales. Their father had been drinking since his wife died. Huw and Gareth worked at mine just like other men from the village. Once Huw met a schoolgirl Megan. They fell in love immediately. Megan's father - Mr. Jenkins objected to such relations. He wished a better future for his daughter, than being a wife of a miner. He wanted her to enter the college and become an intelligent and educated lady. Nevertheless, the young people continued to meet secretly. They decided to get married. Suddenly Huw and his father had to leave for Canada. The lovers promised each other to keep in touch. And after Huw's returning they would definitely get married.

Talent, success and acknowledgement do not guarantee happiness in private life. If you are a very good doctor, it doesn't mean that you can save your relatives from illnesses and death. A young and famous doctor Austin Sloper wasn't able to save his first baby. His beloved wife gifted him a boy, but the infant lived only for a few days. Two years later his wife bore a girl. The girl survived. The mother passed away next week. Doctor Austin Sloper couldn't put up with it until the end of his days. He found some consolation in raising his daughter. The more the girl was growing, the more her father was getting disappointed. Catherine was not so beautiful as her mother and did not show great intelligence as her father. In the end the doctor asked his widow sister to bring up his child. The father plunged into his work. But was the girl really so homely?

This is a collection of six incredible stories from the master of sarcasm Hector Hugh Munro, who is more famous as Saki. You may not know that he chose this pen-name after the monkeys, which lived in South America. They have a very calm and delicate character until you dare them. Hector was a shy and clever man. His stories are full of a subtle irony and sarcasm. The book starts from the story The opened window. A young man comes to his sister to the countryside, where he wants to improve his health. He goes to his neighbors and gets into a strange situation. The next story tells us about three kids, who gave a good lesson to their neighbor farmer. The farmer had killed their cat. Further you will meet two children, who composed a horrible story about a doll, etc.

چند نفر در متل لون استار میمیرن.

Everybody knows the name of the greatest English writer all the times, everybody cried when reads his dramas or laughs at comedies, everyone’s heart were touched by his words. But who was William Shakespeare indeed, and what do we know about him? A lot of different information and myths you could read about this person and this book could help you to sort it and find out the truth. A lifetime adventure expecting you on these pages, from Shakespeare’s birth to his death. Phenomenal writer left us an immortal legacy. But what had influenced of his development like actor and writer? Who were the prototypes of heroes in his works? It’s all about William’s career, private life and lot of other interesting facts which you would not find at Wikipedia. Shakespeare in fashion forever.

Dr. Mark Latto came to America from England. He arrived at the Santa Cruz Island to see Deborah Spencer. Deborah was also a doctor. She was very surprised that the doctor of the Western medicine was interested in her research. Deborah was working on a new method of treating Parkinson's disease. Latto wanted to learn about her nonstandard methods because the Western medicine could do nothing to help patients with this disease. When Mark came to her house the Police notified him about Debora's death. She had a heart attack. At least that's what they said. Mark decided to stay in Santa Kruz to find out more information about Debora's work and her death. Later he discovered from Deborah's colleagues that she had written a book about this method of treating Parkinson's disease…

Botswana is a successful African country. It is developing very fast. The author of this book Alexander McCall was born here. He loves his native land sincerely. He created a series of books The No. 1 Ladies' Detective agency. The head of this agency and the main character is Mma Ramotswe. Mma is called Mrs. or Madam in Botswana. She has a wonderful secretary Mma Makutsi and a real friend Mr. JLB Maketoni, who wants to marry her. They are a great team and help many people. The range of their activities is very wide, from stolen cars to missing people. There is a very interesting and dangerous case about a child waiting for them. The police and the embassy were unable to help a desperate woman find her son. Will Mma Ramotswe be able to help the mother?

This novel is one of the most important literary phenomena of the first half of the XX century. Here you'll find a tragic and a shrill love story, shocking the basis of bases the society of the upper class in a New York of 1870, which tried to copy a manners of Victorian England. This is the history of clean and bright feelings, which the young Newland Archer felt to the shiny, educated and unfortunate countess Ellen Olenska . Newland Archer is a successful lawyer, who is dreaming about a real passion in a depth of his soul. He is engaged with the sweet and innocent girl. This marriage will give him a satisfied and quiet life. But when the cousin of his future wife - Ellen came to the USA after the public scandal in Europe, Archer gets into her nets of secret powers and a beauty. Now our hero has to make a choice between the world that he know and a world of his dream.

This book is about the greatest English writers-sisters of the 19th century, whose novels were a sensation. Their books were admitted as the classic English literature. How do people get their talents? Some think that it is a gift from God. Other think that people are born with it. Somebody says that a talent can be developed due to hard work. Or it is simply a good luck. The Brontë family got an unordinary talent. They did not have any special education in this area, but still they achieved a huge success. But fate was not benevolent to them. Their lives were short and hard. Poverty made the sisters work since childhood. The diseases took them away one by one. The writers left immortal works. The biography of famous sisters Charlotte, Emily and Ann has a significant mark in the literature.

The plot takes place in the village Pendle Lee in Lancashire. This village is so small that all villagers know each other by name. Pendle Lee has an old history with a valuable ancient architecture. The legends say witches used to live there. There are very few crimes in this area. Sergeant Michael Rose has made only five arrests for the last seven years. Basically, the sergeant has to solve problems with some teenagers. Out of such boredom, they often arrange various troubles for him. Sometimes Michael Rose looks for the missing animals. And one day a phone call comes in the police station. The reason is the art gallery robbery. One of the pictures of a local but famous throughout the UK artist Butterworth was stolen.

A fifteen-year-old Kara with her mother and younger brother goes to the countryside on holidays. The mother wanted to do a surprise so she did not tell the children the place. She rented a cottage Owl Hall. It was an unknown place. It was not even on the map. Therefore, they lost. Trying to find the right way, they met a man with white teeth and a big dog. He turned out to be their neighbor. Cara did not like him at once. After coming to Owl Hall, Cara hears a strange voice, which asks her to help him and help him go. Neither the girl, nor her brother enjoyed this house. There are no telephone connection, TV or Internet. This cottage is like from a horror movie. Cara decides to make a film about Owl Hall on her telephone. She is also going to write about it in the blog, as the owners of the house asked. During the filming, the girl suddenly notices someone hiding behind the bushes.

Persuasion is the most autobiographical book by Jane Austen. She created it before her death and summed up her own life in this story. Therefore Persuasion is unlike from the other five author's famous novels. It's filled out by Jane Austen's private real stories. The main hero is Anne Elliot, who, like her creator, was the same appearance, temper, passion and had the same love stories. Anne's father Elliot had problems with money and he had to rent out their house for Admiral Croft. Admiral Croft was a relative of Captain Frederick Wentworth, and it was unacceptable for Anne, because she was engaged to Captain many years ago. But Anne's friend Lady Russell persuaded her to broke the engagement because of Frederic's poverty. The situation has changed now and Wentworth became wealth, so she tried to avoid her old house, but it became more and more hard.

A young woman was brutally murdered. When her corpse was discovered, Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison got the last chance to prove her abilities. She is a woman, who has been doing a man's job. She does not even have the authority she deserves. Now she will have to work quickly and qualitatively to catch the murderer. It is her duty to stop him before this maniac kills another victim. She is under a double pressure because she has to fight for the respect of her subordinates. These men hope she will stumble at any step on her way. Jane Tennison has no right to make a mistake. Otherwise, her professional carrier will be over. Suddenly another killed woman is found. This is the second body. Everything is being turned upside down...

Detective story featuring Salahadin El Nur, who searches for the answer to the riddle of an ancient curse. He suspects an English professor of being involved with a gang of ruthless smugglers. Nobody knows much information about this doctor, but many famous archaeologists read his only book and most of them agreed with main idea of the book, author of that says that he knows where buried Queen Axtarte also known as Queen of Death, because she poisoned all people who knew where her body was buried and also she had protected her tomb - 'Anyone who enters my tomb, anyone who steals from my tomb, anyone who touches my body – that person will die a terrible death. And many more will die with him.'

A young woman who is serving to a rich American Madame, going with her on the Cote d’Azur and accidentally meets there a British aristocrat named Maximilian de Winter. He is the owner of amazingly beautiful estate Manderley. After a brief romance, she agrees to marry him. They return to Manderley together. Almost immediately, the bride realizes how difficult it will be to erase the memory of her husband’s image of his ex-wife, Rebecca. She died about a year ago, sailing on a yacht. Rebecca is rumoured to be not only has outstanding beauty, but also was an excellent hostess, who was able to stay in the community, went sailing on a yacht and was completely perfect. New wife suffers from her own embarrassment, shyness, inability to meet people and afraid of the servants that compares it with the previous mistress.

The novel will give you deep understanding of complicated pictures of Scotland and English community relationships of the 18th century. The actions developed quite fast. The main hero was called to his fathers business from Bordo. There, in London, Francis found, that his father wanted to give him the commerce business. But he had no desire to know the commerce secrets, he was a man of art, liked writing, poems, reading literature. His father got angry when he found out it and in punishment he sent Francis to visit relatives. In North England he met his lazy drinkers cousins and clever, interesting girl Diana. The life in castle brought Francis some adventures and personal growth.

Robinson Kreutznaer was a son of a German merchant. When the merchant's family settled in York, England, they have changed their name to Crusoe. Despite Robinsons father wanted his son to study law, young Crusoe dreamt of travelling to distant seas. The father said to his son that God would not bless him if he went to the sea. However, in 1651, against his father's wishes, Crusoe left his home and went on his first sea voyage with a friend. Their voyage has come to the end in a shipwreck off the coast of England, but Crusoe wasn't disappointed too much, and soon he has made several trips on a merchant ship. One of them was captured the Barbary pirates near the coast of Africa. Crusoe had to spend two years in captivity until he had escaped to Brazil. There Robinson has been settling for the next four years becoming the owner of the plantation. Crusoe's life would have been peaceful except his decision become a rich very quickly. Fortunately in a short term Robinson decided to take part in the illegal trading voyage to Africa for black slaves.

There has never been a more tragic story than this one of Romeo and Juliet… It was a love at first sight, boundless and everlasting. And pointless death because of families excessive feud. Montague and Capulet are leaders in the city of Verona but they also blooded enemies. Two old men couldn't even remember what was the cause of their feud. All members of their families hate each other and barely defend themselves from each other. The Prince of Verona didn't want endure these fights anymore, because they disturbed the streets of the city and citizens had to participate in feuds. Both of them will die if either of them breaks the peace. That was the new rule for Montague and Capulet and their relatives. But it was not easy to follow it…

This book was the most beloved for many generations of women in the whole world. Published in 1811, this novel became the school of life for schoolgirls, which hid the book from their parents. The book was read out in the houses of aristocrats, literary salons and cottages. Nowadays Sense and sensibility is an indispensible part of the gold world literature fund. It hasn't lost charm, elegance and gloss. The main theme of this book is the fight between prudence, heart feelings and impulses. The main characters are two sisters, who are great antipodes to each other. Their story began after their father had died. Dashwoods family lost their inheritance. Now they are learning to live without usual luxury.

The book is based on the famous American thriller with the main Hollywood stars in the lead roles. According to the story, two police detectives are investigating the case of the serial killer John Doe. The maniac considers himself as the instrument of God and consistently pushes people for seven deadly sins. The killer exposes his victims to fatal physical and mental suffering, which is prepared with a cold premeditation. Each expose is carefully planned. Each victim (as Doe thinks) is the standard of that sin to be punished. The sophisticated tormentor and murderer leaves only a title of the sin and a clever puzzling clue at the crime scene, allowing to find the next 'sinner'. John Doe thinks his activity is a sermon aimed to teach the citizens a good lesson.

This story took place at the end of the nineteenth century. Young boy named Kim was the son of the dead British officer. He made a living begging and working for the horse-seller Mahbub Ali. Later it became clear that Ali was connected with the British agency. Ali told Kim about the Great Game that was made by the British and Russian governments. The aim of the game was Central Asia. Kim had been living in India for a long time. He knew Indian customs and habits though he was indeed British. That is why Ali decided to make him a British spy. Kim had to break enemy's plans. The first secret mission for a young spy was located in Ambala. Kim became a close friend of an old Tibetan Lama, who was going on a pilgrimage. They decided to go together.

This book is based on Louisa May Alcott's childhood memories, where the author pictured her family. Louisa has three sisters. Each girl has her own temper and character and the novel is all about it. So, dear readers welcome to the house of family March in XIX century. Mrs. March is sitting near the fireplace, surrounded by her daughters, and reading a letter. It is the first Christmas for them without their father. The family has courage and supports each other despite the difficulties of the wartime, a constant lack of money and diseases. The sisters are working, studying and helping their mother with the housework. They are also putting on some family performances and writing a literary newspaper. Soon they accept a new member of their friendly company. Little girls have to grow up on the books like this.

It is a satirical book about the Victorian era. The author elegantly mocks Victorian sense of duty and the aristocracy as a model of social morality. Lady Windermere has the last party at her estate before Easter. Lots of people from the aristocratic circles are invited. Mr. Podgers entertains the guests at the party. Being the personal chiromancer of Lady Windermere, he reads fortune on the palms of those who wish to learn their future. When Arthur Savile's turn comes, the chiromancer suddenly gets pale and pauses. Gradually he recovers and predicts a journey and death of one of the relatives. Lord Arthur Savile notices the embarrassment of the fortune teller. The lord demands the truth and proposes a considerable reward. The chiromancer tells the lord what he had really seen on his palm.

A young man named Jim decides to go to work at sea. He quickly rises through the ranks. Jim has a cherished dream. He wants to become a real hero. Finally he gets his a long-awaited chance. One day, during a flight an unexpected emergency occurs. The ship crashes into an underwater object. Jim leaves the ship with the crew and passengers. There are no victims. Just after this incident he learns Marlow. Jim and Marlow become close friends. Due to this friendship Jim finds a new good job. This is exactly what he needs. He manages to defeat the local gangster. This victory leads him to the status of a spiritual leader in the community Patusan. All the residents find support from his side. Jim is a symbol of justice. In the end he meets his love…

A Scottish knight Macbeth, who got a lot of victories for the glory of King Duncan, receives a prophecy from three witches. According to their words, he was to be a King of Scotland. Macbeth believes them. His wife also desires it, so she encourages him. Macbeth takes everything upon himself and kills Duncan. He accuses Duncan’s heirs of this crime. The young Princes have to escape from the country. The prophecy comes true and Macbeth becomes a King. But it ruins his soul. The throne of the usurper is shaky, and the legal heirs are already preparing a mutiny... The tragedy is partly based on a true biography of Scottish King Macbeth although he was credited with committing crimes and having relationship with evil spirits. The real Macbeth was not involved in such dark attitudes.

Manager is a profession that appeared not so long ago. But it developed in every sector of business, service and production very fast. Nowadays it's almost impossible to imagine any successful business without thoughtful management. The more different organizations developed, the less understanding among different departments in every area was left. And then managers came to help. They give different tasks, control their fulfillment in the different departments and take the main part in the organization development in general too. In this book you will read four stories about successful managers. They didn't only make amazing careers but also made their companies world leaders.

Phillip was an orphan. His cousin was the guardian of the orphan. The cousin travelled to Italy where he met and married a woman named Rachel. Rachel was Phillip's cousin. Some time later, the guardian died from a strange disease. Rachel wanted to return all the possessions of her late husband to Phillip. Phillip fell in love with Rachel. He refused to see any evidence of her involvement in the murder of the guardian. After he had made a very generous present to Rachel, Phillip suddenly fell ill. He noticed the same symptoms as Rachel's first husband had. He started suspecting something. Probably, Rachel needed only money. What, if she decided to become a widow one more time? He has little time left to learn the truth and save his life.

A boy named Nicholas Nickleby was a happy carefree kid. Unfortunately, some time later his father passed away. After the tragedy Nicholas, his mother and sister went to London to ask their rich uncle Ralph Nickleby for help. The uncle sends Nicholas to a private school in Yorkshire. Nicholas discovers that this school is a terrible place. The pupil has to bear teachers' bullying until he meets a strange boy. His name is Smike. After many cruel punishments and endless hunger two inseparable friends decide to drop out of school. They manage to find a job in the theater. Many years pass filled with lots of exciting adventures. But later, when nothing can be changed, Nicholas finds out the awful truth about his best friend.

Nat Marley is a private detective. He is forty years old and he is losing his hair. He was a police officer in the past. Now he lives and works in New York. Most of his cases are connected with the missing people and observing the husbands or wives. Nat Marley has a comfortable office. His personal assistant is a pretty Puerto Rican with good computer skills. One day, on the 4th of October two women came to their office. Their names were Joyce and Julia O'Neill. They were a mother and a daughter. They were worried about their husband and father Patrick. He disappeared. He was at home at night but his wife didn’t find him in the morning. He only left a note. Patrick O'Neill asked his family not to look for him because he knew something he shouldn’t have learned.

In winter 1947, a young and just married Dean Moriarty comes to New York. Through his friend Carlo Marx, he gets acquainted with the writer Sal Paradise, whose talent brings him in admiration. Paradise is deeply imbued with sympathetic to Moriarty. Becoming close friends, they had been spending the next three years together traveling around the United States. Then, Sal had parted with his friend and decided to go to Denver, the Deans’ native town, where he had spending a short time with his friends. Starring a place he moved to San Francisco to his friend from college Remi Boncoeur, and then to Los Angeles, where he had seriously interested in Mexican named Terry. Soon they had left on her farm where they collected cotton plantation. At the first side it seems the connection with friends is lost, but in spite of everything they will meet again and will be on the road again …

The Heart of Darkness is the English sailor's travels chronicle into a deep of Africa. You will face here not only with jungle, fever, cannibals, but also with the picture of fight between the civilization and the nature. There is the wild, irrational and powerful nature. The field of battle is the a soul of human. The reader will be cognize himself. The final goal is not only the lost station where the white man imagined himself a God and doing disgusting and monstrous things. It is also depths of soul, where the reader would have to find the answers of the question - what is the norm and what is the madness? Does the human know himself? Or is the knowledge a template, which is imposed by civilization?

In 1888 the whole England was shocked by a series of brutal terrifying killings. The murderer who later became known as Jack the Ripper showed neither empathy nor remorse. The victims he chose were poor women with bad reputation. The criminal killed them with inhuman violence and severely mutilated their bodies. In spite of the constant police control with a thorough investigation and wide public attention, Jack the Ripper always managed somehow to escape. For the years there have been many suspects, but even nowadays the real identity of the killer still remains unknown. This book offers the readers a unique opportunity to examine the facts and possibly some clues to the most blood-curling and mysterious murder case in history.

David Copperfield was born in a few months after his father's death. When he was still a young boy his mother married a man named Murdstone. Terrible relationship was immediately set between David and his stepfather. Murdstone sends the child to a private school. The teachers were cruel and overall the conditions were disgusting. Despite of such a situation David managed to find two friends – James Steerforth and Tommy Traddles. Unfortunately at the same time David's mother dies. Murdstone decides to get rid of the boy. He sends David to work at the factory in London. After some time David gets tired of living in awful conditions and makes a decision to run away. He comes to his grandmother. After reaching her he finally starts normal life under the protection of his relatives. Only after this step, the real adventures begin.

This is one of the most popular stories from the classical world literature which has a lot of interpretations in our days. The hero is Don Quixote de La Mancha who embodies the eternal human values. A knight-errant Don Quixote was born when the hidalgo Senor Alonso Quixano had read a lot of books about the knights’ adventures. These stories captured his mind and have inspired him so much that the man has reincarnated. Everyone who met them thought that he is crazy. Because an ordinary man doesn’t kill non-existent dragons, fight with windmills and wants to rescue fair maidens? If you want to be a knight and change the world, all what you need are a valiant war horse Rocinante, lonely princess which you dedicate your life and a brave squire to accompany you.

The most great business leaders from the whole continents gathered for a meeting during the flying show at Stockholm Water Festival. The meeting took place in the Nobel Prize Room in the City Hall. The group of the most powerful people was solving the question of destroying the nuclear weapon in the former Soviet Union. Kurt Carlsson was the head of the group. He was a Swedish minister and an ambassador in Moscow in 1990. The police together with the Secret Military Intelligence were guarding them. Monica Lundgren, an agent of SMI, was watching over the crowd inside of the City Hall. And a man in boat SS Vaxholm worried her very much.

Gabriel Oak is a young man who used to be a shepherd. He saved some money and has some loaned money so he rented a sheep farm and bought sheep. Once one of the Gabriel neighbours Mrs Hurts came with her niece Bathsheba Everdene. Shepherd has felt in love at once with a young, beautiful girl. She also has gradually liked him and even once has saved him live, but when he dared to make her an offer she refused it because she appreciated her independence. After a few months she has left his village and moved to another. Suddenly Bathsheba's uncle died and she inherited a big rich farm. She got to the work at once, and hired a lot of workers. One of them was Gabriel, and she has known this at first. A wealthy farmer William Boldwood felt in love with a young mistress but she didn't give him answer at once and asked for some time to think. Meanwhile she has met a handsome Sergeant Frank Troy whom she really liked at once. But who will stay with Bathsheba in the end?

It is a love story, which conquered the whole world and became the benchmark of romance and true feelings. The main character is flirtatious green-eyed Scarlett. She captivated hearts of many men. Her mind, charm, courage and strength of spirit cannot but attract attention. In spite of a huge popularity, she loves only Ashley Wilkes. One day she met a daring and rude, strong, handsome and charming Captain Butler. Scarlett did not like him as he was arrogant and mocked her. Captain Butler fell in love with her at first sight. Later a civil war between the North and the South starts. Scarlett would change and stop thinking only about men and dresses. She would become a strong, powerful woman and take responsibility for her loved ones.

It is a love story, which conquered the whole world and became the benchmark of romance and true feelings. The main character is flirtatious green-eyed Scarlett. She captivated hearts of many men. Her mind, charm, courage and strength of spirit cannot but attract attention. In spite of a huge popularity, she loves only Ashley Wilkes. One day she met a daring and rude, strong, handsome and charming Captain Butler. Scarlett did not like him as he was arrogant and mocked her. Captain Butler fell in love with her at first sight. Later a civil war between the North and the South starts. Scarlett would change and stop thinking only about men and dresses. She would become a strong, powerful woman and take responsibility for her loved ones.

A young orphan boy Philip Pirrip, who is known as Pip grows up with has sister in her house, where was constantly insulted by her brother. A boy is fond of blacksmithing and the neighbour girl – Estella. Pip's dream is to marry with Estella, however, the blacksmith craft is obviously not in advantage of the arrogant neighbour. One day, the boy met an escaped convict who will change the whole boy's life. And soon, thanks to an anonymous donation Pip is sent to London to grow a brilliant gentleman.

People live and die. A day changes a night. This is the law of life. We have a brain and use logic for understanding life and further development. That is why we live in the age of the progress. Science can explain everything or almost everything. But still there are some unsolved things, which happened in different parts of Earth and at various times. This book consists of eight parts. Each part describes unexplainable things from real life. Real people ran across something mysterious and supernatural. Some of these stories have a tragic end, but humanity can't find a logical explanation. You'll read about the theories and different points of view of the great scientists. Maybe you will be able to find your own answers.

It is the most published book by Charles Dickens, it has a special look on the French Revolution. It was time of soul-searching not only for French people, but also for all European. You won't meet in this story names of famous revolutionaries and kings. Here is a history of the one family, which had been involved in a terrifying meat grinder of revolution. A high-level bank officer goes to France with a task. He has to report a daughter of his old client that her father is alive. Their family was taking a part in a court process on Charles Darnay five years ago. He had been accused in treason. At the same time, the masses seized power in France. The new life has begun, it was full of violence against people, who had infringed upon the rights of the simple people before this.

Will’s life looks like a teenager’s dream. He doesn’t work. All days he spends with TV or has a fun with women or else. But suddenly his life has changed. He has discovered other people with their uneasy problems. Will doesn’t care about others, because he is an “island”. According to his philosophy all people are “islands” and they are separated and unrelated. But the boy Marcus has appeared in his life. First Marcus annoys him, but later he has become his friend. Will wants help Marcus to improve his life. But when you help others all your life will be able to get better. The boy helped Will to find true values and Will helped Marcus to survive at school, adapted to the difficult teenager’s life. This story is about an adult inside of a child and a child inside of an adult.

Anna Karenina is a pearl of Russian classic literature and one of the most popular book in the world. You will meet aristocratic and peasant life in Russian Empire of 19th century. There are a deep psychological and philosophy tragedy about passionate love of the married woman to the handsome officer, and a happy life of the gentry family. The story begins from the famous words by Lev Tolstoy ‘Happy families are all alike, but unhappy families are unhappy in their own unique ways.’ First unhappy family are the Oblonsky household. Stiva had an affair with the French tutor and his wife Dolly found out about it. Stiva’s sister Anna Karenina decided to visit them. She had to change the situation and affect the angry wife.

One of the most popular books for those, who loves adventure and travelling. A very rich and respectable English gentleman Phileas Fogg knew a lot about different countries. He hadn’t many friends and spent a lot of time in Reform Club playing cards and discussing news. Once Mr. Fogg made a bet, that he could go around the world in only 80 days. Issue price was twenty thousand pounds. So Mr.Fogg and his French manservant Passepartout started their adventure at the 2 October, 8.45 p.m. and should be back home on Saturday 21 December at eight forty-five. They had to cross France, Egypt, India, China, Japan and America. In the second half of the 19th century, it was unimaginable. This venture became more incredible, when after few days of Fogg’s departure, detective Fix accused him of robbing and bank a begun to chase Phileas.

This is an ancient epic poem, which was written at the end of the seventh century. The text first saw the world in 1815. This is a rare case when the text written in pre-Christian times has survived until the present time. A horrible monster named Grendel has pursued King Hrodgar for over 12 years. The monster kills his strongest and bravest warriors. Beowulf decides to help the king and gathers his warriors for a significant battle. He is a famous warlord and he is able to defeat any beast. Beowulf kills Grendel in a one-on-one battle. But Grendel's mother rises from the sea bottom to punish the killer of her son. Beowulf battles her in a den under the water. In the second part of the text, Beowulf himself becomes king. He fights a dragon and is badly wounded. The hero dies after living a decent life. This is an honorable end for any warrior.

Arthur Mowbray is a head of a huge company. He created his company after he had invented a board game “Mowbray’s Killer”. The game was made of cardboard and Plasticine figures. One day something terrible happened. His body was found in the dining room of his country house. Inspector Ainsworth started investigating this case. He has no evidence and no witnesses. But there are many suggestions. Ainsworth suspects that one of the directors can be guilty. He has to dive into the world of a fierce competition between the employees to learn the real truth and to find the killer. Will he be able to remain unharmed at the end? And the company is not so great it appears to be at first glance. Let’s see what a single inspector can do against the entire corporation.

How much do you know about the festivities of the United States of America and Great Britain? Why do people celebrate Halloween? Did you know that this is the Celtic day of the dead, and at this time people were waiting for the arrival of good and evil spirits in the world of the alives? Scary costumes and make-up are needed in order for the evil spirit to take you for one of the monsters. Who was the person that invented Christmas cards? Why are they so popular nowadays in most countries of the world? And what about the most romantic holiday on the whole planet? Is Valentine's Day a project of good marketers or a festivity with a long respectful history and deep roots? This book will give interesting answers to most of your questions.

Cranford is a quiet and cozy town, located in the South of England. Whatever happens there – the public immediately learns about it. It is quite difficult here to hide something from other people. It is worthwhile to smile at some beautiful girl in the street and the whole town starts thinking that you are going to get married. A young, handsome and very promising doctor comes to Cranford and becomes an object of sighs and love of the local beauties. They try to gain his trust and friendship using any methods. As for the captain who came to the city – he was not initially accepted, which is mostly due to the manner of his communication. He has two lovely daughters. These girls gradually change the opinion of the citizens about their family.

Winterbourne is a US citizen. The young man has lived in one of the countries of Europe for many years and has become out of touch with his native country. One day he arrives in a small town in Switzerland to visit his aunt. In a local hotel, he accidentally meets the Miller family- the mother, her young son and the daughter. The girl really attracts Winterbourne. She is very beautiful. Her behavior is quite inconsistent, which is unusual. In Europe, you will not meet girls like her. She talks to a stranger without any problems and Winterbourne understands that he falls in love. The girl chatters about her family, travels and plans. When he understands, that she has not yet visited one of the local castles - the young man offers her to show this sight.

It was the time of the Alaskan gold rush in the 1890’s when sled dogs were very in demand. It is a story about a dog named Buck. He grew up with a comfortable life at Shepherd’s ranch. He was always fed and happy. But from the first day that Buck was stolen he learnt about hunger, thirst, and cruelty. Buck’s life changed. He was harnessed with other dogs to carry the government post. The dog pack had its own laws and Buck had to get used to them. Every evening lying in the snow, Buck constantly looked back on his life at the ranch and from the forest heard howling wolves. Then by day Buck overcame the distance of a thousand miles during a hard frost. Buck decided to become the leader of the pack to survive in such hard circumstances. To do this, he had to eliminate an opponent…

The magazines of Paris carried the shocking news of a double murder. Most interesting was that the murders were very mysterious. At three o’clock terrible screams from a locked house on a Rue Morgue street gathered people, yet no one on the outside could help. Neighbors said that only Madame and Mademoiselle L’Espanayes lived there. With the help of police the party broke in and found a mess inside. By the time police reached the fourth floor there were no more screams. Finally they found the room where the screams had been recently heard. The scene in the back room was terrible with parts of bloody hair around the apartment and a huge razor covered in blood lying on the chair. A mother and her daughter were killed in a heartless way by an unknown person with enormous power. Or, it was it a human at all?

The young man wanted to become reach using charming girl that studied with him. Her name is Dorothy and she is a daughter of very rich man named Leo Kingship. But suddenly Dorothy became pregnant and her boyfriend realized that his plan can be ruined. He started to make new arrangements for resolving so inconvenient situation. In several days Dorothy found dead. According to suicide note that was send to Ellen, sister of dead girl, and that fact that birth certificate was found at place of dead, police decided that her death was certainly suicide. But Ellen was not so sure, she thought her sister was killed. Ellen went to city where her sister was studying at university. There she started an investigation, almost immediately she founded a man that she thinks killed her sister…

It is a Christmas Eve now. The members of one family are telling horrible stories about ghosts. One of them Arthur Kipps listen all of them and has remember his own story. But he couldn't tell about it for his family. So he decided to write it on the paper. Many years ago he was working at a law company. He was given the task to make order in papers of a dead woman. That woman was very strange. And place where he had to go was strange too. And people who lived there were very suspicious. Arthur was full of deadly determination to do his work and went to the empty house located among the bogs and nobody lived around of that place. The dead woman had hold all documents and letters for several decades, Arthur spent a lot of time to make order in it. But all time the woman in black prevented him of doing his work.

Kino is a young and very poor fisherman. Although he even not married officially with his wife Juana, they already have a little child named Coyotito. As other fishermen families Kino’s one is very poor. They live at small house made from pieces of wood and sleep on the ground. The only wealth Kino’s family has is their little and old canoe. Without canoe fisherman cannot fed his family. Beside fish village people hunts pearls at sea. The sell pearls to buyers at city, but they work together and always cheat poor people. There is also a racial hatred between city and village people. One day a scorpion stung a little Coyotito and Juan feared of death her only child persuaded Kino to carry child to the doctor. But doctor always hated poor people who cannot paid for his service.

When Peter’s father died he was fifteen. Peter and his mother weren’t rich and they needed money, that’s why Peter had to get work. All his salary he gave to his mother, she paid for the house where they lived and bought food. When he became older he learnt to drive and changed the work, and he began carrier as a long-distance truck driver. Once at night Peter was driving to the Manchester and saw a very wet teenager who was standing in the rain. The driver agreed to take the boy. Then it found out that the boy had ran away from home and in the vicinity happened a murder.

English gentleman named Rudolph traveled through Europe. In the fictional country of Ruritania he met King Rudolf V, who was a distant relative, a namesake and a full twin of him. At a dinner devoted at the funny acquaintance King was poisoned by his cousin Michael, who wanted to seize the throne. The king was dying, the coronation was scheduled for the next day. Head Guard colonel Zapt convinced Rudolph take place relative to the ceremony. The young man were pretending to be a king with success. He also managed to attract the sympathy of the bride of the king, Flavia. Rudolph did not expect to take the place of the king for a long time and was ready to return all the regalia of king when he wakes up. However, the King suddenly kidnapped by men under the command of Michael Rupert.

Once in the evening, three friends were sitting smoking at Jay in the evening and were discussing the diseases from which they suffered terribly. They came to the conclusion that all their troubles due to overwork and they urgently need a vacation. After a long discussion vacation in the countryside and the sea walk were rejected. In the end the friends decided to go up the Thames by boat from Kingston to Oxford, breaking camps for the nights. Departure was scheduled for next Saturday. George on this day was at work, so Jay and Harris have went to Kingston by train. At Waterloo station they can not find the right train, so they had to bribe the engineer, so he sent his train is in Kingston. There they hired boat were waiting for them. Later Gorge joined them and the journey began.

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He is not beautiful. His mother does not want him, children run away from him. People laugh at him, and call him 'The Elephant Man'. Then someone speaks to him - and listens to him! At the age of 27, Joseph Merrick finds a friend for the first time in his life. This is a true and tragic story. It is also a famous film.

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