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On that day a young woman was walking with her dog on the bank of the river Thames. She was in deep thoughts about the future holidays with her husband. Suddenly something broke her dormancy. The dog was barking desperately at a swimming female corpse. The police inspector James Hudson discovered, that the dead woman had been the second victim of a serial maniac. The first one was killed four weeks ago, when the moon was full. The murderer sent to the police the weapon of his crime – a belt from the dress, which he used to strangle the girl. He also sent a note with a sign Jack the Skipper. In that note he was laughing at the helpless policemen. The hard case is waiting for the inspector Hudson. First he has to find out the connection between the two victims.

The Harvard graduates are highly valued on the labor market. That is why an unknown law firm from Memphis is trying to outbid a young and perspective lawyer Mitchell Y. McDeeren. He has just graduated from Harvard. At first, Mitch was skeptical towards this offer. He had many possibilities including a job even in Wall-Street. Nevertheless, he accepted this proposal after having visited this firm. The work conditions were very attractive. Mitch started working for it. Soon it turned out that nobody had ever left this firm. Maybe because the firm persistently takes care of its employees. There were no troubles, but once FBI warns Mitch that this choice of work was very dangerous. The main character is going to face some serious questions. Will there be a possible way to get out and stay alive?

This is a childish book created for adults. This novel is written in the easy style, but it has a deep philosophical sense. Each reader can find answers to the questions that he had been searching for. The main character of the story is the Little Prince. He arrived from a small distant planet. He had been travelling to different planets and finally he reached the Earth. Here he met the second character. This acquaintance became a key action in this book. Through the contact with the Earthling the Little Prince brings us eternal truth, so much love and sincerity. The things that nowadays are almost forgotten. The novel was translated into 180 languages and it belongs to the TOP100 greatest books of the XX century. The story also has many film adaptations and theater performances.

This novel describes the fate of and English medicine scientist Griffin. The scientist discovers a medicine which makes human's blood invisible. This drug discolors human blood. A person must be an albino in order to become completely invisible. Griffin himself is an albino. He does not want to publicize his discovery. His goal is to create even a greater sensation in the future. But the circumstances suddenly change. Due to financial difficulties he can't continue his work. Griffin has to disappear. The scientist begins a completely new life as an invisible man. Will the first and only invisible person be able to survive and use his new face in the name of good and not evil? Will he do something for the sake of the world?

Everything started from the fact that a rock gave birth to an egg. A monkey hatched from it. The future king of monkeys easily found a common language with the monkeys born naturally. After a while, they recognized his superiority and chose him their king. Many years later, the monkey king started worrying about his death. He decided to leave his kingdom and to go into the unknown in search of immortality. At the very beginning of the journey, he studied magic and learned how to transform into various objects. Then he had to kill a demon. Finally, he found the registry of death where he struck out his name and the names of many other monkeys. Gods united and arrested the immortal Monkey King. But the Monkey King didn’t lie when he called himself a great and wise king. He managed to escape from the heaven prison.

Danilo lives a happy life in a little town Pont Pora in Brazil. Although he have only a small house and an old little car, he is very rich. Now he is living alone but he has a woman who he loves. No matter that at present time there is a big distance between them. Eventually, they will be together. Danilo has changed a lot during last years. He is thinner now that his used to be. He runs his 10-kilometer course every day, eats proper food and generally has a good health. Danilo definitely should be very happy but he is not. He worried all the time because he know – one day he will face consequences of his past. Consequences, that changed his life, his appearance, place of leaving and forced him to hide and fear every day that THEY will find him. Therefore, this day has come.

The shocking news that two Supreme Court justices have been brutally murdered is baffling to both the White House and the F.B.I.. The president, a conservative Republican, senses that there may be a political connection to his administration that could be damaging to his reelection bid. And he wants answers. But the FBI fails to establish a motive or come up with a credible list of suspects. Meanwhile in New Orleans, Darby Shaw, a Tulane law student, notes the timing of the murders and suspects that there may be a plot to pack the Court with conservatives. What is puzzling, however, is how dissimilar the murdered justices were. One was a ninety-year-old liberal patriarch of the Court, the other a young conservative justice. After reviewing hundreds of cases which are scheduled to be heard by the Court, she finally discovers one that may contain an issue volatile enough to result in the killings. Darby writes a brief based on her research which reveals a surprising link between the two murdered justices.

Dumas is a French classic writer and master of the adventure novel. The young Gascon D'Artagnan is full of bold plans to conquer Paris. He arrives on a horse at the capital. He wants to become a musketeer like his father. He gets into a trouble from the first steps on the way to his dream. It will change his life forever. D'Artagnan is nimble and agile, cheerful and noble. He attracts not only a lot of friends, but also many enemies. These foes want to see such a brave and faithful man on their side. Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan are devoted to their king and queen Their life is full of conspiracies and intrigues, fights and feats. They always act together and their motto is One for all and all for one. This motto leads them to the victory

At the end of the nineteenth century, a metal object fell from the sky in the South of England and made a large hole in the ground. People came to learn, what had happened. They surrounded the hole, looking at the strange object. When one end of the object started opening, the watchers realized it was hollow. Was there anybody inside? But the creatures, which came out, were not homo sapiens... Gradually people began to realize that these creatures were from Mars. A small group of scientists and many other people who had come to see, were killed instantly. Later the second object landed and then the third one. Are the Martians trying to take our planet away? Is it true? And what are our chances for victory in the war against the civilization, whose development is for thousand years ahead. Moreover, the Martians become stronger in the atmosphere.

Mr. Allworthy is a rich squire. He lives together with his sister Miss Bridget. One day an unknown baby boy is found in his house. Soon Mr. Allworthy manages to find the mother of the abandoned child. It is a poor woman from one village Jenny Jones. Jenny refuses to reveal the father’s identity. Still the mother repents her deed. The squire only sends her out of her native places and provides her with a better life. Mr. Allworthy lost his wife and children several years ago. He decides to take this boy and bring him up as his own son. The squire gives all his love to this baby. After some time, his sister Bridget gets married to Captain Blifil. Soon the couple is blessed with a son. The foundling Tom Jones is being raised with the young Blifil. Captain Blifil is a greedy and envious person. He fears that Mr. Allworthy’s fortune will pass to Tom. The captain hates the boy and tries to defame him in the eyes of his adoptive father.

Main Characters of this story are Miss Amelia Sedley and Miss Becky Sharp. They study in Miss Pinkerton’s private boarding. Amelia is a daughter of successful businessman. She has a calm character and everybody love her. Becky is an orphan, daughter of an artist and a French dancer. She is a pretty, smart and knows French. She lives in Miss Pinkerton’s house and getting education also works as a teacher of French for younger girls. Amelia and Rebecca are friends. But Amelia is a rich and she can’t understand Becky’s problems and help her. Girls have completed private boarding together. Amelia is going to be married to officer Osborn. She loves him very much. Rebecca was offered job of a governess in an aristocratic family. But before it she was invited to visit in Amelia’s house. Miss Sharp met Amelia’s brother and wanted to marry him but this cannot be done…

Douglas King has been in the shoe business almost all his life. All this time he worked for Granger Shoe – one shoe company where he started as a boy. Now Douglas is a part-owner of Granger Shoe and has a good share of it. Doug has great plans connected with this company. He is going to implement them in the near future. Suddenly two unexpected events happen and ruin all Doug's plans. Some co-owners of Granger Shoe suggest him to cooperate with them in order to have over 50% shares together and make the goods of lower quality. In this case they will have more profit. Doug refuses to produce poor quality goods and makes the greedy co-owners his enemies. Later someone kidnaps King's son and wants a big ransom. If the father pays the ransom, his plans will get ruined. He will lose the house, the cars and everything he owns.

Leonardo da Vinci is a man who was more than for hundred years ahead of his time. He achieved a stunning success in various areas. He was a writer, an inventor, a musician and an artist. But he considered himself a scientist. He was the first who understood the human anatomy. Leonardo da Vinci is the clearest example of the universal man. He is primarily known as an artist and the greatest representative of High Renaissance art. He was born in the 15th century and created a drawing of the aircraft. People began to fly only a century later. Leonardo proposed a project of an ideal city with the sewerage system, but the Duke of Milan rejected his project. Several centuries later, the project was recognized as a perfect basis for the construction of the city. Even nowadays Leonardo da Vinci remains one of the most mysterious and brilliant people of the second millennium.

From the first pages of this detective story the reader plunges into the inner world of a killer. You'll see what will be happening with the murderer's eyes. You'll experience great emotions described by the author. Perhaps you will be even glad that the murderer overcame his barrier and did something he couldn't do for a long time… He killed a man. The homicide happened in North Yorkshire. Detective Inspector Charles Neville is going to investigate this case. The inspector arrived at the crime scene on his day off. The police were gathering evidence very quickly as the weather was bad. They couldn't lose any details. A middle-aged man was killed at night. Apparently he had been walking with his dog when he was attacked. The police investigation would reach a deadlock, if a new corpse didn't appear… Was it a serial killer?

A young man Nelson Mbizi returns home to South Africa after a long sturdy in the UK. After the arrival, he decides to get a job in a hotel. His father owns this hotel. Nelson wants to change the situation in their country. He learns about a woman who died and left her children alone. Nelson wants to help them and accidentally meets a TV presenter Vicky. He manages to give publicity to this story with her help. What chances does one guy have against the corrupted government, against social inequality, weapon and drug traffic, the AIDS epidemic? The one Nelson Mbizi comes into the fight alone against inhumanity in his own country. Will this young man be able to find allies in the fight against the government? Who could risk but him? It is you who will know whether there is justice in our society.

Edith and Margaret were cousins. They spent a lot of time together and love each other. Edith was going to get marry and live with her husband, so Margaret has to go home and left the aunt’s house where she was on holidays. She was a daughter of a vicar and they lived in a vicarage. That place was like a village in a poem, very lovely and beauty. The family was poor. They did not have any horses and had to walk a lot. When Margaret came to Helstone, she noticed that her parents have changed. Her mother seemed deeply discontented and father was sad, there was an anxiety on his face. Margaret was unprepared for this discontent. Every evening, after tea, the vicar disappeared in his library. He told that he studied a lot. But ones he called to his daughter in that room and opened to her a secret, which could break her heart…

Two stories are described in this book. They are completely different but their endings are very similar. The first story is about a girl named Ikuko. She is going to marry. She decides to go to England to improve her English. To her own surprise, she meets an African student Bernerd. Their friendship quickly developed into love. In spite of their feelings they have to overcome many difficulties to be together. The second story is about a girl Joyce and a guy Taka. They are totally different and have nothing in common. Joyce is a media scientist. She is very selfish. Taka doesn't like her. But he likes the way she works. Once Joyce steppes on a stonefish. Taka manages to save her life. They become closer. Joyce and Taka realize that there is much more common between them than they had thought before.

Desire for adventures led Englishman Richard to Bangkok. He settled at a very cheap and untidy hotel, where a madman gave him a map right before he died. On the map, as he said, was the most beautiful beach in the world. It wasn't only the beach actually – all the place was mentioned as a paradise on the Earth. According to the map, the beach was somewhere on a secret Thailand island that was closed for tourists. Richard immediately felt a strong desire to get to the mysterious island. But before he left the mainland, he met French couple and shared his plans with them. They were completely astonished by Richard's idea. Soon the three tourists started their hard way to the hidden paradise, but will what they find in the end?

Malcolm Jaggard is a spy catcher, and a servant of the politicians. He's hard, tough, and intelligent - and he wants to marry Penny Ashton, a scientist, and the daughter of the scientist George Ashton. Then the Ashtons' comfortable world is suddenly shattered, and Malcolm is ordered by his politician bosses to protect Ashton. But who is George Ashton? And how do you protect a man who has just disappeared? Malcolm needs more knowledge, and he can't get it. So he fights for it. But knowledge is a power, and servants must not have any power. His searching for Ashton has turned into a desperate and violent manhunt, Malcolm has found knowledge. But he also has found himself in the long-running war between scientists and politicians - a war where 'We have met the enemies, and they have met us.'

Button came into the world in far 1860, it was the last day of the War. He looked like an old, little man. His father was upset and wanted to kill him, but then he exposed him to the hospitage. People around thought that this man was born for suffering, but he had become one of the happiest people in the world. The nature’s anomaly had born him and given the great opportunity – Conversely live. He wasn't getting older like everybody, he was becoming younger the whole his life. He had a hard way, full of sense, friendship, and good people. And the most important – by love. Our hero got acquainted with the world around through communication with old people that’s why he avoided mistakes, which usual people always make.

In 1999, a strange object looked like large black monolith created by an alien intelligence was found on the moon. Because of its mysterious properties object got the name of the Tycho Magnetic Anomaly, or TMA. When first sunlight reached TMA -1, it sent a strong signal in space. People was able to detect that signal was directed to the side of Japetus, one of Saturn’s moons. At the same time, spaceship “Discovery 1? was being prepared to the “Project Jupiter” that had to carry out the first flight to Jupiter and to explore the planet itself as well as her companions. After finding TMA-1, was decided to cancel the flight and to send Discovery on Japetus.

Alexander the Great is the greatest conqueror of all time. His father was king Philip II and his mother was Olympias, the daughter of king Neoptolemus I of Epirus. When Alexander was 13, Aristotle became his tutor. The philosopher awakened the idea of greatness, power and intellectual rigor in his pupil. Aristotle taught him how to demonstrate the force moderately and consciously. Alexander treated his teacher with admiration and respect. He often said that he owed life to his father and a decent life to Aristotle. Achilles – the hero of the Trojan War was the ideal for Alexander. Alexander had no equal rivals in all competitions. When he was a boy, he tamed a wild horse named Bucephalus, who later served him in many battles.

Alex is a very amusing girl. She always gets into funny situations. For instance, she can put on different shoes and she often makes a fool of herself. Alex has a peculiar family that gave her an unforgettable childhood. She also has nice friends Susan, Diana and Kerry. They have very clear ideas about what they want from life. Alex wants not too much. She has made a wish list consisting from seven items. They are - travelling around the world, writing a bestseller, giving up smoking and so on. Now she is thirty and nothing has been done from her wish list. She doesn't have a permanent work. She only gets temporary jobs from the labor registry office. But one job helped Alex to meet her new boss Brad. He turned her life upside down. Her wish list has changed since that meeting. Now every item is connected with Brad. He became her greatest desire.

As it usually happens, trains are not only a way of travelling. A lot of interesting can happen there. The twenty-year-old Japanese student has been travelling on his holiday alone. It is not very popular to travel on your own, but he had a reason. The student broke up with his girlfriend after six months in relationship. The girlfriend could not stand his love to the dog and left him. All their mutual friends supported her. The young man remained in loneliness. But later, sitting in the train he decided to leave all his problems in the past. These holidays would be the best in his life. And the fate gave him an opportunity to forget his misery. The student took the mobile phone of another passenger by mistake. He read some text messages. To his horror he understood that the phone owner was going to kill someone. Now the student wants to prevent such an awful crime. Certainly, if it is not a misunderstanding.

An orphan Esther Sammerston grew up in Windsor, in the house of her godmother, Miss Barbery. Esther wanted to learn the mystery of her birth, but Barbery replied her only your mother is your shame, and you’re her one. After her godmother's death, there was a certain Mr. Kenge, who acted on behalf of Mr. Jarndyce, who was aware of the sad state of the young lady and offered to put it in a first-class educational institution, where she would have everything and prepare for the fulfillment of duty on the public arena. After she graduated, John Jarndyce took her to his estate, known as a Bleak House. Esther were handed the keys to the rooms and pantries. She had perfectly coped with the difficult economic troubles. Here she had met her first real friends – Ada and Richard…

Holly Golightly is an unbelievable young woman. Her way of life and manners are not always objective. She just follows her heart and not mind. She wants some things and tomorrow she will be interested in some other feelings or ideas. Holly wants to live in wealth and luxury. She manages to reach this goal. Despite of a quite young age she can charm almost everyone who spoke to her. Her behavior can be interpreted in different ways. Someone thinks Holly is a dishonest woman. One can say there is nothing wrong in her attitude towards men. Holly's nature doesn't let her stop and settle in a certain place. Her life is one big endless journey, which corresponds to the inscription on her mailbox - Miss Holiday Golightly. Travels.

Detective Inspector and Constable are investigating the death of a man. The body was found in the house of the deceased. His house was in the village near from London. According to the pathologist’s preliminary version, the man committed suicide. He was sitting in the chair. The gunshot took his life away. The victim was a rich person with a beautiful garden and a house. He was not married and lived alone. The crime scene inspection led the Detective to the neighbours. One married couple seemed suspicious to him. Their behavior was not quite sincere. Next, the Detective talked to the colleagues and the doctor of the victim. As those people said, the dead man suffered from headaches. Maybe he had some troubles with his health. So the Police have to solve whether it was a suicide or a murder.

This is a romantic love story about fidelity, friendship and a ridiculous cruelty of war. Ada is a beautiful daughter of a priest. One day she meets a silent and thoughtful Inman. The civil war starts and their affair is suspended. Inman goes to the front. He promises to come back with the victory. The years are passing but the war isn’t stopping. Ada is waiting for her beloved. Is he alive? Does he remember her? The young woman hardly copes with the difficulties of a daily civil life. The memories about Inman, love and expectations give her strength to live. Inman realizes that his beloved Ada is exhausted, her heart is torn. She asks him to come back. Inman leaves the front and starts going home to cold Mountain and becomes a deserter.

This exciting story will admire those readers, who like mythical stories about vampires. Mysterious creatures, which hypnotize their victims and drink blood. One autumn evening two friends Alfred and Elliot were sitting near the fire and having an interesting conversation about their thrilling adventures. Alfred is a journalist and he often has to deal with supernatural. His best friend Elliot helps him in his investigations. They have just come from an exciting but scaring travel in Norway, where they had a case with a ghost. An unexpected note interrupted their dinner. It seems that friends are going to face a new case - the note was from count Dracula. The next day Alfred and Elliot are meeting at the station and leaving for Romania.

Despite Jan and Kate were sisters, they had never been too close to each other. From childhood their father has been given all the love and attention to Kate. And, as a result Kate has got a proper education at Oxford which helped her to escape Lewisham for Marlow where she became a successful lawyer. Kate also had a happy marriage with an investor who gave her two beautiful kids. They lived peacefully in a big, fashionable house with a servant. Meanwhile, Jan had to go work at once after school so she had little education and no skills. Her marriage was a disaster which has left her with an uncontrollable daughter. One of the worst things was that she stuck in Lewisham. When Jan and Kates' father died, his wife started to lose her memory. Gradually she became so helpless that could not be left alone for a minute. Therefore, Jan, as the only daughter who lived near enough to her mother, had soon become responsible for her. But Jan had to work and has constantly stood the crazy things that her mother had done. Jan tried to get help from sister, but it seemed that Kate was too busy and too selfish to share the responsibility of caring for their mother.

دوریان گری آرزو میکند چهره‌ی او در نقاشی پیر شود و خودش همیشه جوان و زیبا بماند.

When people use guns to take what they want, how do you stop them? If you give them what they want, they will be happy – and they will use their guns again, and again. If you don’t give them what they want, then they will be angry – and they will kill. It is not easy to decide what to do. In this story, the person who has to decide is the Prime Minister, the head of the government. But the Prime Minister is also an ordinary person, just like the rest of us – a person with a family and children. How can you think clearly, if someone is pointing a gun at your family? What do you do? You take advice, you talk to the hijackers, you find out what they want, you keep everybody calm, you try to move slowly. But terrorists don’t like waiting, and sooner or later, you to decide what to do…

این کتاب، داستان یکی از بزرگترین گروه های موسیقی دنیا را تعریف می کند.

It would be a very difficult case to find at least one person on Earth, who did not know the famous film Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. Certainly, everybody knows and loves this movie. But have you ever read the book on which this film is based? There is a very common situation, when the book is better than the movie. Is this the same case? Let us revise our memories and read a short plot of this story. This is a true, wonderful and funny story about Forrest Gump. Forrest is a young kind-hearted man from Alabama in the USA. He has won a medal for gallantry in the Vietnam war. The President Of the United States awarded the hero. Forrest was a footballer, a businessman and a film star. He also went in space. His best friend was an ape called Sue.

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