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The hero of the novel is a butler Stevens. He has been serving most of his life in the house of the Lord Darlington, and now he is still doing the same work in the same house. But now his boss is a rich man from America, someone Mr. Farraday. The new owner is not like the previous one and his un-British behavior keeps Stevens in constant tension and more exhausting him. After receiving approval for a small vacation, Stevens goes to a meeting with the former housekeeper and his old friend, Miss Kenton. Six days’ journey filled with memories of the past Stevens, working with Lord Darlington. Stevens misses his friend Miss Kenton and hopes that he might be able to convince her to return to her previous work and help him in such difficult time.

Fanella is an attractive woman who wants to become a mother, but doctors say she cannot have children of her own. Her husband Steven supports her, and they decide to adopt. However, at some point Steven leaves Fanella for another young woman who doesn’t want a baby. Fanella shares her story with her best friend Teresa over a cup of tea. Living a happy life with a loving husband, her small son Timothy and a big house, Teresa feels a little ashamed of her fortune when faced with her friend's suffering. She thinks Fanella would make a great mother, even better than she is, since Fanella very often babysits Timothy who calls her his second mother. Teresa wants to help her friend from the bottom of her heart. Three months later, Fanella’s life begins to change...

Derek Armstrong and his wife Malgosia are musicians. Derek plays the violin and Malgosia plays the trumpet. One day the cellist came back home after the rehearsal. His wife wasn't at home. There was a great mess in the house. There was an absolute silence. The man didn't find Malgosia's suitcases and clothes in the cupboard. Derek couldn't accept this situation. He thought she had been kidnapped or she had gone somewhere with the suitcases. He called her work and learned that she had left the band at the theatre. Her best friend also didn't know anything. Malgosia's parents lived in Poland and didn't speak English at all. Maybe her computer could give some information. And that was right. There was a message from someone named Tibor. He wrote Malgosia that he was waiting for her in Rio and she had to go there quickly.

Carla's life has greatly turned upside down since her boyfriend left her. Recently she has joined a support group, where she met three women with similar sad experiences. Carla decided to take a revenge on those women's husbands. Now she is making plans for all her three victims. It is necessary to ensure that there is no suspicion about her future terrible deeds. These acts will change not only her life but the life of her new friends as well. Carla is going to start from the first man named Alec. To make her plan come true she will go to Cuba. She will cook a special dinner for the second husband Terry. She will become a hot lover for Pete, the third one. What will she do to her ex-boyfriend Mark? What will say her friends when they find out the truth about the murders? What future is waiting for her? Everyone should understand the consequences of his actions. In any case, Carla tries to prove the same point.

From the first pages the readers will be able to get into a world of criminal London of the XIX century. The main character Oliver Twist comes into this world in a small room of the workhouse. His mother dies after the childbirth. The poor baby is forced to drag out a miserable existence among poverty, deprivation and unfair. Oliver gets into the system of supporting poor people. However, in fact, it performs the opposite function. There are many avid officials, who are looking for the benefits only for themselves. The inhabitants of the workhouse have to work really hard. They don't get enough nutrition, they are beaten and often die of exhaustion. It is a nightmare for a poor Englishman. Soon the child gets into a company of the bandits. They want to spoil him in their manner.

In the small town of Clanton, Mississippi, a ten-year old black girl, Tonya Hailey, is on her way back from the market about a mile from her house when two white men kidnap her, Billy Ray Cobb and Pete Willard. Tonya was brutally raped and beaten to death. Fortunately, Tonya manages to survive and identify the men and have the two suspects arrested. Days later, as both rapists leave the courtroom, Tonya’s father Carl Lee Hailey, kills them with a Ml6 rifle. Faced with the consequences, Carl Lee hires the white and ambitious lawyer Jake Brigance to defend him.

A young reporter Katy comes to Sarajevo. It was the beginning of the 90's – the end of the 20th century. Sarajevo was under siege. The civil war was just starting in Yugoslavia. Croatia and Slovenia had already come out from the republic and declared their independence. Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina started a conflict. Most of the military clashes took place on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in Sarajevo, where Katy was. It was not her war. The reporter had to be outside and just to watch everything. But she couldn't. The siege of Sarajevo had been going on for 4 years – the longest period in the modern history. All the characters in this story are fictional. The coincidences are random. The truth is only in music.

It was beginning an ordinary, as it seems at the first side process. The suit process had produced to the tobacco corporation by a widow of the average American who died of lung cancer. More than 50 such cases have been won by the defense. But the trouble is exactly this case gets a lot of publicity, it puts a lot at stake. If the protection is lose – the tobacco companies on the following day will receive millions of such suits. Because of the big bets this time the jury was selected very carefully, however, with the beginning of the case the jury is putted pressure from outside as inside. Different forces are trying to impose their verdict to a jury. In the midst of things, the defense manager received a call from a mysterious woman who was picking a great game.

This is an exciting criminal story of love and passion, betrayal and treason, greed and egoism. The dynamic storyline and bright images are sure to hold the reader's attention. Iris Marle's sister Rosemary commits suicide after a nasty illness and long depression. Six years older than her sister, Rosemary has always been beautiful, funny, and clever, which made Iris jealous. Rosemary's life had been like a happy dream until she married George Barton, in many aspects her opposite- quiet, withdrawn and not very rich. Rosemary was bright, sociable, outgoing and, thanks to her godfather, financially secure… Given the difference, was Rosemary's death really from suicide?

People with a luxuriant imagination have a funny life. They've read a lot of books and expect to meet the same interesting secrets and events in reality. Our main character is this type of personality. Catherine Morland enjoys reading the gothic novels and the horror stories. She is pretty but not a beauty. She isnt stupid but very naive. Catherine is only seventeen. She came from a small village to visit her relatives. It seems that her dream will come true. Catherine hopes to get into many exciting situations just like described in books. Balls, receptions, theaters, new acquaintances and an invitation to the abbey are a perfect background for her own fantasy. Catherine is so fascinated that she can't notice what's going on in front of her face.

Lady Agatha Christie knows East very well. She worked as an archaeologist when she and her husband were in Baghdad. This experience she used to write this book. The novel belongs to the spy fiction genre, which also contains politics, criminal and a love story. The main character is Victoria Jones. She lives in London and works as a typist in the office. She isn’t very successful at her work. Victoria lost the job. She is a very good actress with a rich fantasy and perfect transformation skills. Her imagination and an unexpected affair led her to Iraq, where many adventures are waiting for her. Some events are to happen in Baghdad. They will change the course of the history. The future of the whole world will be in the hands of the young girl.

The author of this novel does not only bring Poirot aboard the plane but also makes him be in a new role of a murder suspect. One elderly Frenchwoman Madame Giselle is found dead for some time before getting on the plane. The murder is daring as there were 10 passengers, but nobody saw how it happened. The case is shameless because somebody put the direct evidence to none other than Hercule Poirot! He cannot stand such unprecedented impudence. So, we have 12 suspects- a well-known archeologist and his son-archeologist, two stewards, an aristocrat, a countess, a former actress, an assistant of one London hairdresser, a popular dentist, an ENT doctor, a head of one large company, a famous author of detective stories and Hercule Poirot himself. Do you have any ideas, which one of these people is the murderer?

This is a little story in the detective genre, which can make the reader's evening much more interesting. A smart and talented inspector from Scotland Yard investigates another crime case. Miss Paddington does not stay away. She immediately comes to the aid of him. This curious woman is a big lover of detective novels and she is happy to take part in the investigation. But beyond that, Miss Paddington has another secret goal - she wants the detective to marry an attractive young lady named Elvira Elliot. Whose intellect will prevail - an experienced inspector's or a housewife's, who is fascinated by cheap paperback detective novels? The story, despite its small volume, can show a lot of interesting plot twists.

A number of leading scientists disappear without a trace. There is a huge possibility of kidnapping. Probably the scientists are being blackmailed so they are hiding. Enormous concern is growing in the ranks of the international intelligence community. Only one woman has the key to this mystery. Unfortunately, Mrs. Betterton lies on the hospital bed, dying from injuries sustained in the Moroccan plane crash. At the same time, Hilary Craven is preparing to end her own life in a hotel room in Casablanca. Her husband left her and her child passed away. There is no reason to live anymore. An overdose of sleeping pills and everything will come to the end. One stranger interrupts this desperate suicide attempt. Since there is nothing more to lose, this man offers Hilary a more exciting way to die.

The wind is strong on the Yorkshire moors. There are few trees, and fewer houses, to block its path. There is one house, however, that does not hide from the wind. It stands out from the hill and challenges the wind to do its worst. The house is called Wuthering Heights.

Tess of the d'Urbervilles - A Pure Woman Faithfully Presented is a novel by Thomas Hardy. It initially appeared in a censored and serialised version, published by the British illustrated newspaper The Graphic in 1891, then in book form in three volumes in 1891, and as a single volume in 1892

Criminals in the United States of America are much the same as criminals in any other place. They lie, cheat, steal, carry guns, break into houses — and murder people. Sometimes they get caught, sometimes they don't. And some of them have bad dreams for the rest of their lives.

General Maximus, the Commander of the Roman Army of the North, has won his last battle in the war against Germania. Then, he had hoped to return to his farm and his family in Spain. But there were many serious problems in Rome and Emperor Marcus Aurclius had known that he would soon die. Maximus realized that he might perform another duty for the Emperor before he could back home. He knew that it would not be easy, and he was right. Soon he has lightened for his life again, at first as a prisoner, then as a slave, and finally as a gladiator. One thought had been kept Maximus alive that he would finally meet and kill the man he had hated the most - the new Emperor, Commodus.

It is the legendary biography, which can inspire you for achievements and give you a confidence in yourself. This book is about a unique man - James Braddock. His life costs not only a film, but also a book. He was an obstinate man and always achieved his ends. James Braddock was imposed to retire from the box sport after breaking his hand in the contest. It was a hard time for the USA, the time of the Great Depression. The former sportsman did any job he could found. He also had a family, a wife and two children who had to be fed. Braddock dreamt about his returning to sport and regaining his glory and his dignity. Finally, he took the great opportunity and mounted the ring for obtaining the world title.

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